Our Vision for the Future

Sharjah Corniche Medical Centre is an investor in the care of people.  We aim to not just cure but to educate all of our patients, helping them to choose and enjoy a healthy, happy life for generations to come.

Sharjah Corniche Medical Centre is located in the Northern Emirates, overlooking the picturesque Buhairah Corniche of Sharjah. The Medical Centre has cared for the communities of the Northern Emirates for over 5 years under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Mahesh Vidhani and Dr Maya Vidhani.  The Sharjah Corniche Medical Centre joined hands with Anglo Arabian Healthcare in 2013 and has enjoyed an excellent reputation throughout the medical professionals in the region as well as within the surrounding communities. Medical services at the Sharjah Corniche Medical Centre continue to expand into other areas of the existing location, allowing our patients to experience even more space, convenience and comfort.

Our patients can look forward to receiving the very warmest of welcomes at the Sharjah Corniche Medical Centre and enjoy the convenience of having medical, surgical and diagnostic capabilities all under one roof.

Medical Services available at the Sharjah Corniche Medical Centre are:

• Internal Medicine

• Gynaecology and Obstetrics

• Orthopaedics

• Orthopaedic Surgery

• General Surgery

• Urology

• Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

• Cardiology

• Paediatrics

• Dentistry


• General Medicine

• Radiology

• Cosmetology

Sharjah Corniche Medical Centre is further supported by in-house world-class diagnostic services such as CT, X-ray, OPG/Cephalography, fluoroscopy, ultra-sound and digital mammography with SONO mammograms.

Our advanced in-house laboratory provides all patients with accurate test results that are available quickly ensuring an effective and efficient service.

The laboratory is committed to provide physicians with critical diagnostic information that is essential for identifying disease, monitoring treatment and assessing general health and wellbeing. The latest internationally acclaimed instruments are used to perform fully automated and computerized profiles in Biochemistry, Haematology, Microbiology, Immunology, Histopathology and Cytology.

With an established reputation for providing quality medical, surgical and diagnostic expertise, and with plans to expand the range of medical services, the future at Sharjah Corniche Medical Centre is looking bright.

The greatest wealth is health.

— Virgil

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