Here you will find information related to your stay at Sharjah Corniche Medical Centre.


Before you arrive

Preadmission Details – The Patient/Representative will guide you through the pre-admission process. You will have to complete a registration form. The registration form will require you to fill in your details such as name, address, telephone number, gender and age. You will also be asked to provide information on insurance coverage, if any. It is very important that you provide accurate insurance information as this will enable us to seek approvals quickly.In the case you are an employee and your company has a tie up with Sharjah Corniche Hospital, you will have to show your original employee id and the referral letter from your company. If you are paying for your treatment, please ensure that you bring sufficient funds to cover the expenses.

Valuables And Personal Property – The hospital cannot guarantee the safety of your valuables, such as jewelry etc.Please do not bring items like music players, etc. as they may cause disturbance to other patients.

What To Bring – We recommend that you bring very few personal items with you to the hospital, such as pajamas or a nightgown, slippers and basic toiletries.

During your stay

Consent To Medical Treatment – At the time of admission, you will be asked to sign a general consent form in which you give permission to allow the hospital staff to perform examinations or non-invasive tests and procedures. You have the right to consent to or refuse treatment.

Same-Day Admissions – If you are scheduled for a procedure on the same day as your admission – known as “same-day admission” – please call the hospital between 9.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m.or between 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm one business day before admission to find out when and where you should report to at the hospital.

Rooms – Sharjah Corniche Hospital offers two types of suites: semi-private suite (three beds) and private suite. Bed assignments are based upon availability.However; we will do everything possible to arrange your requested accommodation during your stay. All Private Rooms are provided with a television,wireless internet connection and a telephone for the patients. Your hospital bed is equipped with controls to regulate its height and to raise and lower the head and feet positions. Because your medical condition can affect your balance and mobility, side rails may be temporarily placed in the “up” position. A nurse call button is located at your bedside. Simply push this button when you need assistance and a member of your nursing team will come to your room.

Meals – Meals will be provided on request only for the Patient.

Standard Precautions – Sharjah CornicheHospital practices standard precautions for the safety of patients by minimizing risk of infection. All healthcare workers are required to wash their hands before coming in contact with patients and to wear gloves when they are in contact with a patient’s blood or body fluids, such as when drawing blood or changing a dressing. If necessary, staff members also wear masks, gowns and other protective items while performing certain procedures. Please ask your physician or nurse if you have any questions about these and other safety precautions.

No Smoking – Sharjah Corniche Hospital is a no smoking facility. Smoking is prohibited by staff, patients and visitors in all areas of the hospital.

For your convenience

Parking – Ample municipality regulated parking is available around the hospital building. Parking of the vehicle is the responsibility of the owner and the hospital is not responsible for any damages or fines incurred for breaking laws.

Billing & Payment

For Company Patients – Employees of companies who have a tie up with the Hospital will have to show original employment ID and produce the referral letter from the company. Incase the employee will pay and claim from their company later, detailed bills will be provided to the employee within seven working days. Incase the company will pay for the treatment, the bill will be sent directly to the company at the end of the month.

For Insurance Patients – The hospital staff may contact you before your admission to obtain necessary information related to your insurance policy (such as current insurance subscriber name, policy number, expiry date of plan and company name). The staff may also notify you about estimated charges, if any, for which you are responsible. You will also be informed of any payment to cover costs such as co-payments, deductibles or the extra fee for meals, etc. The amount of your payment will depend upon the type of health insurance you have. It is also imperative that you bring your insurance cards or any other medical insurance papers with you when you are admitted.

For Self-paying Patients – You will be asked to make a deposit of the estimated charges of the procedures and diagnoses, as an advance.